While Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is the worlds largest soft drink company.

While Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is the world’s largest soft drink company, the American consumer by their Mexican colleagues darkened when per capita per capita consumption of the Real Thing in fact, the Mexican version of Coca-Cola. With cane sugar instead of high – fructose corn syrup and served in glass bottles instead of plastic – makes great strides in the great strides in the U.S. Market share of this market is of course people who grew up drinking Mexican Coke.

More than 11 percent the first signs of any idea, Mexican Coke could be the crowd favorite to be heard most frequently in parts of the U.S. Where Spanish accents are barely.

And of course, in this age of social networking, Mexican Coke lovers singing praise of the drink on their own Facebook page.In fact, the iconic glass bottles of Coca-Cola from Mexico in many large supermarkets and big-box retail stores across the country are found. It usually costs more than the U.S. Version – of about $ 1 a bottle in stores more than twice that price at some restaurants.– But the question which we set being increasingly When the reductions worth it? The report seems show indeed. Out of 21 store versus national mark stages taste tests for the study introduced in a eleven tape, and three cases beat the private label , the national trademark. Different interesting tidbits It can impress your classmate:.. 93 percent Raisin Bran? Us includes the house trademarksIt seems Conditions make ScoreCard serves no the only one done his business.

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