For France and Germany.

For France and Germany, but the primary goal of the summit is to change the EU treaty in an attempt to make sure that no other debt crisis ever happen again. If necessary, they say, could make the 17 – country euro zone ‘s own contract, the other willing nations could join.

An early draft conclusions of the summit, which was seen by the Associated Press that a permanent euro500 billion bail-out fund, which could come into force as soon as July should not be loans loans already be s of the Union given the existing rescue fund.

These obligations could already the bailouts for Ireland and Portugal about euro200 billion once to achieve a second rescue for Greece and loans to other countries recapitalize banks for for.

At stake at the summit in Brussels Thursday evening Thursday evening, is not only the future of the euro, but also the stability of the global financial system and the balance of power in Europe.. Continue reading

While it will be?

OMAN S S non-oil sector contribution to GDP gradually GROW: Oman Central Bank has said that the contribution of the country ‘s non-oil sector to GDP expected gradually grow, while it will be? a gradual reduction the contribution of the oil sector, Times of Oman. Until June 2015, the year on year credit growth was 19.4 % compared to 12, Profit after tax in the same period last year, is the steady increase in loans in line with recovery in non-oil activities in Oman, he said.

By the end of 2011 stood Jordan? S total public debt JD13. According to the ministry figures, meaning that loans from local banks increased by over JD2bn while loans from international lenders showed less than JD300m.

KUWAIT APPROVES 2015-2013 budget with $ 26 billion deficit: The Kuwaiti Cabinet approved the 2015/2013 approved budget projected a deficit of KD7.3bn ($ 26 billion mainly by calculating oil revenue at a very conservative rate, AFP reported that Kuwait has a budget deficit expected each year for the past 13 fiscal years, but every year ended with a healthy surplus to collect about $ 250 billion. Continue reading

Aaron Crowe is an unemployed journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Aaron Crowe is an unemployed journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area.Despite generally Ahead: Markets edgy on debt talk stalemateThe uncertainty is sure to stress to markets further, and fund manager hits the beach in August, than fiddling with their BlackBerrys more than the small screen in their cocktails are.

I can not imagine how anyone could cut nearly a quarter of of their income. Cut your expenses by a fourth? or rent can be reduced by 25 percent? You expenses expenses to arrive there, but try your head is cut off at the pass with other ideas, a better solution.

Is also proposing the corporate earnings season other risks could dog the market. Despite generally good results so far, there were some worrying signs.. While I do not yet know how much have to suffer a haircut of my wife, I do not expect, that it amounted to 23 percent. Continue reading