Foolish roundup Ive never been good at reading a crystal ball

Foolish roundup I’ve never been good at reading a crystal ball, but to take over at some point logic must and investors must recognize that, in spite of the newly discovered reserves natural gas is still a great demand and limited resource. Therefore, I am going on the plate here and calling a bottom in natural gas prices .

Buy reasons First, the relationship between oil prices and the price of natural gas has never been higher. With oil $ 98.39 per barrel and natural gas at $ 2.33 per million BTUs, the gap between the two is now in an amazing 41st Historically , the price has ranged between five and 15, with a growing gap seen in the last few years. The discovery of vast reserves of natural gas in the U.S. Its its decline, but in no way makes up for the fact that natural gas is a finite resource. I do not see this pricing inefficiency term. Continue reading

Critics say the benefits do not outweigh the environmental and health risks.

Critics say the benefits do not outweigh the environmental and health risks. Fracking has been linked to groundwater in Pennsylvania, high ozone levels in Wyoming and headache, sore throat and breathing difficulties for people in the vicinity of wells in Colorado in combination. Burying wastewater from wells earthquake was connected in Ohio, Arkansas and other states.

Connor the Public Accountability Initiative sees similarities with Considine s Penn State reports? We seemed to them as an institution to say that we support fracking, Easterling said in an interview. So we need to just to clarify that. We once they weren? with 1.3 billion happy camper, but at least they knew that we were not? T to sell.

Study study didn t do note that it is sponsored and led by an economist, now at the University of Wyoming with gas drills, Everyone knows of producing industry – friendly research on economic and energy issues? The researcher, Tim Considine, said his analysis was healthy and not biased by the industry funding. Continue reading

While Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is the worlds largest soft drink company.

While Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is the world’s largest soft drink company, the American consumer by their Mexican colleagues darkened when per capita per capita consumption of the Real Thing in fact, the Mexican version of Coca-Cola. With cane sugar instead of high – fructose corn syrup and served in glass bottles instead of plastic – makes great strides in the great strides in the U.S. Market share of this market is of course people who grew up drinking Mexican Coke.

More than 11 percent the first signs of any idea, Mexican Coke could be the crowd favorite to be heard most frequently in parts of the U.S. Where Spanish accents are barely.

And of course, in this age of social networking, Mexican Coke lovers singing praise of the drink on their own Facebook page.In fact, the iconic glass bottles of Coca-Cola from Mexico in many large supermarkets and big-box retail stores across the country are found. It usually costs more than the U.S. Version – of about $ 1 a bottle in stores more than twice that price at some restaurants. Continue reading