Foolish roundup Ive never been good at reading a crystal ball

Foolish roundup I’ve never been good at reading a crystal ball, but to take over at some point logic must and investors must recognize that, in spite of the newly discovered reserves natural gas is still a great demand and limited resource. Therefore, I am going on the plate here and calling a bottom in natural gas prices .

Buy reasons First, the relationship between oil prices and the price of natural gas has never been higher. With oil $ 98.39 per barrel and natural gas at $ 2.33 per million BTUs, the gap between the two is now in an amazing 41st Historically , the price has ranged between five and 15, with a growing gap seen in the last few years. The discovery of vast reserves of natural gas in the U.S. Its its decline, but in no way makes up for the fact that natural gas is a finite resource. I do not see this pricing inefficiency term.

I am not certain that leaking presents the advertisements, a business in competition at a disadvantage. Mainly not the size of Walmart and its supplier relationship, leaked. Planned turnover and to access into the inventory. And there really very low control over these things, thanks to the Internet, when Details are at a life of their own, with a few impacts. Walmart is even sent of these letters for years – and the advertisements still leaks, independent. Obtain Nevertheless it was a bit of a shocked the Ask -. Or more precisely, will be said we would get one. Way can we say what the ad if they say not get leaked.

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